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Welcome to the new Standalone PBO. Although you Standalone, you're not alone. You're surrounded by technical experts that are only a phone call or email away willing to assist you. Never be too proud to ask for assistance.

Believe it or not, Standalone PBO has been around since October 2001 serving as a point of reference and providing resources to Officers, Warrant Officers, NCO's, Soldiers, and Civilians. During this phase of Standalone PBO I am soliciting information from fellow logisticians to share with the rest of the logistics community. If you feel you have a power point presentation, an information paper, or anything else our community might find useful, please contact me. You will receive acknowledgement for anything you provide to Standalone PBO. Thanks in advance for your support and enjoy the new look of Standalone PBO.



Interested in becoming a mentor? Standalone PBO averages about 300 visits a month. If you have the time to help groom the future of the Quartermaster Corps, please click here.

Warrant Officer Coins -

The warrant officer coin was designed in April 2005 to recognize every branch in the U.S. Army that has warrant officers within their corps...

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